Explore the Synergy of Yoga and Sports: Exhibition Opportunity at the 25th INCOFYRA Conference on Integrative Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Unlock a space to showcase innovation and engage with a diverse audience at the 25th International Conference on Frontiers in Yoga Research and Its Applications (INCOFYRA), themed "Integrative Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation." Scheduled for 3rd to 6th Jan 2024, this distinguished event offers an exhibition platform for brands, researchers, and practitioners to spotlight their contributions at the intersection of Yoga, sports medicine, and rehabilitation.

As an exhibitor, your offerings will be spotlighted amidst a dynamic gathering of global experts, facilitating meaningful connections and collaborations. This is a chance to demonstrate your commitment to holistic well-being, innovation, and advancements in sports-related healthcare.

Align your brand with the forefront of Yoga research and integrative sports medicine by participating in this exhibition. Elevate your visibility, network with key players, and contribute to the dialogue on merging ancient wisdom with contemporary wellness approaches. Secure your spot now to join us in shaping a healthier, harmonious future.

             Exhibition stalls (10ft.*10ft.) 

                        Price: INR 10,000