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The 25th INCOFYRA will address the practice and future of complementary or non-traditional medical care to address the broad scope of Sports Medicine to produce outcomes conducive to prevention, therapy, and rehabilitation for athletes. Know more...

Himalaya Yoga Olympiad 

The objectives of Himalaya (A Yoga Olympiad) are to promote awareness of yoga and build up a network of yoga students, practitioners, teachers and sadhakas at the national and international levels. Know more...

Pre-Conference Workshops (December 28, 2023 - January 2, 2024)

Pre-Conference Workshops have been an integral part of INCOFYRA, and are conducted as three independent tracks. Know more...

It turns out that it is not enough to solely rely on experience. Although it is generally assumed that an increase in professional experience, knowledge and skills through years of practical exercise leads to a higher quality of care, research demonstrated an inverse relationship.

In order to promote more researchers in the field of AYUSH, this pre-conference workshop focusing on research is being offered. The content of the course will enable research enthusiasts to grasp basic to intermediate levels of research methodology and statistics concepts.

S-VYASA has developed several advanced yoga techniques based on traditional yoga texts. These advanced yoga techniques are very much useful in the management of NCDs and also promote positive health.